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Digital Marketing

A term coined in the 90’s but of utmost relevance in today’s time. In simplified form, Digital Marketing is the promotion of a product using any electronic medium.

Be it a small organization to a multinational company, Digital Marketing has become one of the KEY STRATEGIES for Brand Visibility and Promotion.

When people search for a product there are just 2 possible outcomes: either they find your website or they see your competitors.

At Redefining IT, we ensure it is the former and not the latter.

We handle every aspect of brand promotion be it Social Media Optimization, Mobile Marketing or Search Engine Optimization.

We have two version of Digital Marketing: The Basic and The Pro.

The Basic includes E-mail marketing, SMS Marketing and basic SEO set-up on the website.

The Pro Level includes Complete Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Banner Ads and Article Writing, Blog Writing.

Our approach to Digital Marketing is at three levels.

Level 1: The Plan: Based on your target audience/target group our Pre-Sales Experts create a Marketing Plan for you.
Level 2: The Execution: The blue print is then taken up by our Digital Marketing Experts who then EXECUTE, MONITOR and UPDATE the plan on a regular basis.
Level 3: The REPORTS: Finally, our Reporting Team ensures that you get all the latest reports and updates on Ad-hoc basis.

Our dynamic team works to increase your revenue and expand your visibility online. They make sure your application seems effortless.